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Microsoft launches Skype Lite only for India

Microsoft announced on Wednesday Skype Lite, a thin version of its regular application of calls and video conferences.


The application was announced in the framework of Future Decoded 2017, a Microsoft event in India, and is launch here because the application of just 13 MB in size is intended for our country.

Microsoft says that the application is designed for India because it avoids the consumption of resources in video calls, and also works well over limited connections. Skype Lite works with sending and receiving SMS, dialing option of phones, record of data spent and has bots dedicated to Skype for India.

Also, Skype Lite includes calls, video calls and free voice calls with other Skype contacts. The app includes other features like sending photos, emoticons and files – all with the saving of money and data in mind.

Skype Lite is available in India and in several languages ​​in the country. According to TheNextWeb , Skype Lite works with bots from other platforms such as Expedia and Skyscanner. The app is also compatible with India Stack, a suite of development tools for companies to provide computer security to our civilian-targeted services.

India is an extremely important country for technology companies. Google and Facebook are just two other examples of companies that have launched their applications slim for the region. Meanwhile, Apple is still planning to start manufacturing the iPhone in our country.

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