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Nokia PC Suite Latest Version

Nokia PC Suite Free Download

Publisher:  Nokia

Version: (latest version)

Language: Multi-language

System: Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / Windows 7 / 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / 8 64 bit

License: Freeware

Size: 101 mb

Nokia PC Suite is software developed by the Finnish company Nokia Corporation to connect some of their mobile phones with your personal computer. Its functions include backing up data (contacts, notes, and calendar), connect to the Internet (GPRS), install applications, manage files and folders on your phone, transfer music and update the phone software. The connection between the phone and the computer can be done through a cable USB, bluetooth or Infrared.

Nokia PC Suite Settings

Nokia PC Suite is very useful for backing up the files on your mobile, sending photos, music and files from mobile to PC and vice versa, edit your contacts, sync mobile calendar with your PC and more. Another handy feature of this PC Suite is to send SMS messages from the PC to any mobile with the convenience. Backup function of this PC Suite is very easy to use; you can copy the entire contents of your phone to the PC, including the data of memory card. It also lets you sync Outlook on your desktop to your phone, and that capability works well. Another very useful function you will find in Nokia PC Suite is the video viewing and conversion. You can use it to turn any movie into the video format supported by your Nokia phone.

Currently, this software has been replaced by the new application Nokia OVI Suite, prepared especially for the new generation of smartphones. Yet it still provides updates to Nokia PC Suite, to correct errors, and improve safety. In the future, Nokia has officially planned to stop offering this suite, and distribute only Nokia OVI Suite.

Features :

  • Connecting your computer to the internet with the help of your phone
  • Updating phone software and applications
  • Transferring personal data: such as picture or video files between your phone and your computer
  • Synchronizing and managing contacts and calendar entries
  • Sharing information with Lotus Notes
  • Creating multimedia messages on your desktop and sending through your phone

How to use the Nokia PC Suite

1. Download the Nokia PC Suite from the below link. You will need a computer with Windows XP or higher for the software to work. Click the link to download and then install the software on your computer. All you need is to install it on your hard drive.

Connect the small end of the supplied mini-USB cable to USB port on your phone and the large end to your PC. Nokia software, if installed correctly, it will display a message acknowledging your phone.

2. Watch the screen of your Nokia phone, which now recognize that the device is connected to a PC with the Nokia software installed. The phone will give you two options: data transfer mode and Nokia mode.

3. Choose the data transfer mode if you only need to transfer files from your Nokia phone to your PC using the Nokia PC Suite. This will make your PC appear a folder with the contents of the phone’s internal memory and / or the contents of the micro SD card connected to your phone. This will allow you to drag files from your phone to any folder on your computer, or vice versa. The advantage of this is that you can install programs downloaded from the Internet and easily transfer songs to your phone.

4. Choose Nokia Mode if you want to take full advantage of the characteristics of Nokia PC Suite. This will bring up a graphical interface that lets you do a variety of things with a click.

5. By clicking on the button “Backup phone” option, you will get a dialog box that allows you to make a backup of your contacts list, pictures, videos, music files, programs, text messages, and anything else you have on your Nokia phone. This feature is extremely useful if you screw up, you lose or destroy your phone. While buy another model of Nokia, you can instantly transfer your contacts and other information to your new phone.

6. Take the time to see all the other options offered by the Nokia PC Suite. You can transfer music files using a dedicated window, which automatically integrate with the player integrated in the phone. You can also install programs with “.Jad” and “.Jar” extention. This will avoid the problem of having to download the software on your phone, where you can meet several security issues.

7. Use the software Nokia PC Suite to use your phone as a modem to share the internet to your computer. If you have a data plan from your cellular provider, the Nokia PC Suite connection allows you to use your EGDGE or 3G phone to connect your computer to the Internet anywhere you have cellular service. The Nokia PC Suite has many useful features that will increase your enjoyment and productivity from the Nokia to much more than you thought you could reach a phone.


  • Convenient to manage multimedia content
  • Application Manager
  • Backup mobile data on the PC
  • PIM synchronization
  • Access Nokia Maps


  • Not 100% compatible with all Nokia models

Free Download

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